The free and easy movements of a child, in the first motion sequence photographs taken in 1868 by Edweard Muybridge


 What Is The Alexander Technique?


Learning is a Pathway


The Alexander Technique was created to recover youthful stamina for freedom of expression. It's taught by studying our sense of bodily location and judgment of effort. Alexander Technique has practical answers for anyone in the circumstance of learning a new skill, polishing a performing art or hobby, or those who want to invent or problem solve for easier ways to move.

Based on reasoning, foresight and strategic thinking, Alexander Technique's systematic template for learning & revising skill building works from any starting point. Students study how to prevent unnecessary limitations of movement while going into action.

The results of using Alexander Technique are a signature feeling of lightness and poise. Students often experience insights about how their intentional goal may be carried more fully into results. Alexander Technique is a tool to tap the unknown that can be integrated into any other activity involving movement.

Free introductory classes available in Hawaii. Or find out more by talking in person! 808 - 883-3334 Dec. - Aug.
415 868-0420 during the fall months.

Who Practices Alexander Technique?

Use Alexander Technique while gardening


Anyone who wants to experience more effortlessness, flexibility, breath, tone, connectedness, stamina, expressiveness or awareness can benefit from learning Alexander Technique.

Performers of creative arts, sports and people who enjoy hobbies can improve their purposefulness & their capacity for freeing learning progress. For someone has not yet fully recovered from injuries or has serious movement limitations, Alexander Technique can show practical ways to mitigate, cope with or at least not make the situation worse. Practicing Alexander's principles can entirely prevent or stop what is in the way of healing, if the causes are due to moving against how the body is designed to move.  

Learning the Technique can complete recovery, help stress related problems and provides documented easier ways to eliminate postural pain by freeing habitual movement difficulties - no matter what given situation exists.
Practicing makes routine circumstances easier, gives stamina, liveliness & awareness, and also reduces unnecessary stress. Most importantly, the Technique offers new awareness of gradual constructive progress.


Here's How to Start Studying

Why the need to learn this? How do limitations happen?

Here is a page about how Alexander Technique works.

Here's How to Start Learning Now

unlimited learning Curious what Alexander Technique really is like for yourself? The fastest way is to find out is to study privately. You can take lessons on the Kona side of the Big Island of Hawaii from Franis Engel Dec. - Sept. The teacher comes to your house or place of business, which are the best situations to learn. You can arrange a private shared or lessons for your group from Franis Engel by calling or emailing Franis on this page. In case you're not curious enough yet, you might want to check out this page where learners describe as they are experiencing.

Alexander Technique Simplified If you are familiar with the Alexander Technique, report your experiences here. - anonymously if you like. If you'd like a page that will give you an idea of everything on this site, check out here,or use the buttons at the top of this page.

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