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Where Fran Is Now

Right now, Franis is living in a great place in Waikoloa on the Big Island which has worked to cure her allergies. For now, she has some time open for a personal assistant, caretaking, work exchange or house sitting property or pets.

Until she has a full time work in Hawaii, for now, she keeps visiting for a twice a year connection with Bolinas, so she can still keep her Bolinas community membership. Although she's lived in Hawaii for two years now, Franis has had a home for thirty years previously in Bolinas, Marin County, CA. Her long term "acquaintance-ships," enduring friendships and gigs in Bolinas are still very important to her, so she still migrates back from Sept. through Dec. each year.

House-sitting Terms

House-sitting jobs are preferred that last a week or longer. For the care of special needs pets or farm animals, multiple pets or dogs needing to be walked, home maintenance tasks or taking care of your business responsibilities or complex personal assistance jobs, we'll negotiate a fair payment together.

With a natural talent for rapport and observation, Fran has a very high tolerance for being able to talk and interact with people. So she naturally gravitates toward being a "Girl Friday" personal assistant.
Because of her experience with many different sorts of home businesses and a surperb memory, Frani finds it easy to tend the many requirements of keeping businesses running responsibly, having started up many businesses of her own.

If the property care is an ongoing arrangement, and you allow me control of the space as if it were an ongoing rental with only specific details that you require, it may be fair for me to pay you!

References Include...

References include caretaking a high maintenance "off the grid" property during storm season, administering medicines on a regular scedule for a diabetic wolf,

Sasha, the diabetic wolf
...and taking over as an apartment manager for a twenty unit apartment building while the usual manager was on vacation for an extended period.


I don't mind the constant baby-sitting of well-spoiled small dogs who require quite a bit of entertainment. Your spoiled pet may be more well-behaved when you come home! Being an animal trainer, I have sometimes solved behavior problems.


I was called in by another housesitter who could not handle a large dog who whined, barked and fretted whenever she would leave - even to close the door to the next room! After watching him carefully to figure out the cause, I gave the dog a "goodbye" routine that told him how long he needed to wait. This worked to permanently stop his anxiety - even when his family returned from their six week trip to Asia.


But I have to admit, I am quite partial to kitty-cats and have previously tamed, rescued and tended feral or abandoned kitties in Hawaii and situated them.

In the distant past, I used to ride horses and had kept my own horse. I'm experienced around hoofed animals.


Also, I've had tropical bird handling experience.

Floof the parrot

Thanks For Your Curiosity!

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