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 Welcome to my Pre-2005 Holiday Window Gallery!

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415-868-0420, (Marin county)

Also on the Big Island of Hawaii. 808 769-1908

This first picture is of ribbons and poinsettas on the showroom glass of a rare car dealership see

Here's a little something I copied from a vintage comic book for the honestly real Mr. Natural in San Francisco see

These are ten inch letters on the window of the nursery at the old Yardbird's store in San Rafael,see

A detail of a whole storefront I decorated for Jack Hunt's, San Rafael. see

Here's an example of my snow and ice scenes with houses and a snowman on skis for my other longest standing customer,
Jeans to a T. see

I can also work around the tight spaces of small windows with many other items that must remain in the window. Here's a minature snow scene with trees & snowmen. see

There are many different styles that I can adapt for different sorts of businesses. This storefront wanted some color and to be seen from the stop sign almost half a block away. see

Since my painted up truck is designed to be visible to advertise my services during the holidays, a friend of mine got the idea to have me paint on their "Dragon" art car. see

Marin Brewing likes my art so much that they clean only the background off, leaving my elves from Christmas so I can change their hats, see Here's another page where you can see how I turned the elves into leprechauns! see A>

I like to make each of my wreaths different, here's a very simple one. My prices start at $40. for a wreath on the door and a phrase of writing. see It's true that almost every year someone pays me to write "Bah, Humbug!"

If you have a great deal of glass on your frontage but also want your Christmas decorating to look elegant, check out what I did with the frontage of this very traditional Italian restaurant. see

Franis Engel, holiday window painter
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Also available to paint windows on the Big Island of Hawaii area from January-August yearly. 808 769-1908
415-868-0420 Franis Engel