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415-868-0420, mobile, (Marin county)

This year, I'm personally  available to paint your seasonal windows in the greater San Francisco Bay area for the Christmas holidays

415 868-0420 Fran Engel
(Painting window art in 2014 from Nov. 15th until Dec. 6th, 2014)

You're looking at my information page about painting a temporary custom holiday picture on your business windows, mirrors or vehicles.

This year, (2014) you can have me paint up your business windows for a great price! Marin County prices start at only $45. (Other San Francisco Bay area counties prices start at $70.)


415-868-0420, mobile, (Marin county)


If you like, you can choose from the styles and paintings that are on this website and I'll tell you their specific cost. My services start at $45. for the equivalent of a door wreath up to 20" wide and a saying up to 24" long. (There's a travel charge if you are located out of Marin County.) For an estimate, I'll need info on your frontage with the areas you want painted, including access to the windows & height. Please send a picture of the front of your store!

The info I need from you: size of what you want and a measure of window area to be painted. (Rough footage area is OK.) Usually e-mailing a picture (with people in it for scale) works fine.

Usually a business will tell me their decorating budget and I'll explain what I can do for that price to make sure it's acceptable before I begin. If you don't have a lot of window area, we can always do a charming small high-detail scene.

Custom designed requests, copying pictures or logos supplied by you, cartoons with figures and scenes usually begin at $100 and up, depending on the detail and area.
Once I've done your windows, my prices stay the same for the next three years, (unless I gave you a special off-season deal. )


I can easily accommodate window panes and additional interior window displays and decorations that you do not want to hide. Most often, painting is done on the outside. If you have any items in front of the window where I'll be painting so I can have access, I'll call the day before to remind you to make sure this is done. I will also paint on tile, mirrors and vehicles; any smooth surface is acceptable.


Your regular window cleaner will remove my painting probably for an additional charge at the end of the holiday season. Alcohol works best. I do not offer removal as part of my services.
If you'd like to do this yourself, here's how: A foaming window cleaner or rubbing alcohol works the easiest. If you are just using water, make sure the window is wet for five minutes. If you'd like to take off some of the painting and not other parts, use only rubbing alcohol and avoid wetting the parts you want to keep by not touching them. Then take a scrubbee pad to only what you want to remove, (the webbed scrubby works the best) breaking the surface of the paint and smearing it around. Wipe off paint flecks with a cloth or paper towel, then wet again and clean the window in the usual way. Repeat the above one more time to take the ghosting of pigment off, paying special attention to scrubbing off the tiny areas of paint left on the previous round. With foaming window cleaner or alcohol and a cloth, you can get it all in one round.


Windows are scheduled in order of acceptance yearly. My routine jobs that I do each year come before any new jobs, usually starting the day after Thanksgiving - so please call early to reserve your time to be painted. Rain cancels because it causes the paint to wash off during painting. I'll call you to notify if I must delay your job.

Once the painting is dry, rain does not spoil the picture, unless something or someone rubs it while it's wet. Repairing the damage from leaves blown against the window by high winds costs a minimum $30. fee.

Window painting is an effective cover-up for the graffiti damage of glass etching fluid.

I do each job in the order it was reserved after a storm has canceled, but if it keeps on raining, I've been known to paint under a tarp temporarily taped to your window frame!
Routinely, I count on rain every three or four days, so if no storm comes along, I may be able to do your job earlier. I'll notify you to arrange this also.

An extra nominal travel charge will be added for jobs outside Marin County. Usually jobs accepted in
San Francisco, Sonoma, Alameda, Contra Costa, & San Mateo counties only. But you can always ask. email Franis

Franis Engel paints windows on the Big Island of Hawaii from Dec. 12th through September. Contact: 808 769-1908

415 868-0420 Franis Engel
Holiday Window Painter