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SPACE-RESERVE DEADLINE: 2010 edition of the 868-Directory is released.
This deadline makes the 868-Directory available before July 4th, 2010!


SEND digital (.pdf or .jpg) copy to:
SEND hard copy (Laser printed is best) to POB 868 Bolinas, CA 94924

Please make out checks to: Franis Engel

You may also pay by credit card at to:

Advertising in the 868-Directory is targeted for the businesses that serve OUR TOWNS of Bolinas, Dogtown & Stinson Beach

Prices here are for copy ready adspace only. Please submit your ad THE RIGHT SIZE, or there will be an extra fee.

Get help with making the inside of your ad for additional reasonable rates, usually $30. additional.
For this ad design service, or to get a reference from us for a graphic designer, please contact us ASAP!

If you are submitting your ad past the deadline, we have already done the layout. So we can't guarrantee placement, but we will find a place for you somewhere, usually. We want to include everyone, but if you are late, you may have to accept the placement you get. Work already done will not be done over for someone who is late.


If you are already in the 868-Directory free personal listings,
there is no need to re-submit. Every three years we call everyone in the phone book to check if the numbers we have are still working. Many thanks to the postmasters, who have helped us eliminate changed or moved Post Office Boxes.

If you notice a listing is wrong be sure you are looking at the current edition. It may have already been corrected in the recent edition.

We rely on you to tell us about people who have gone. Please inform us!
When you tell us about someone who is gone, we call the questionable number and leave a message that we are going to remove the listing. If the number is a working number, with no answering machine on it, the 868-Directory prefers to include it rather than exclude someone.

We do accept out-of-town listings and cell phone numbers for those who want to stay in touch with their West Marin friends and family after they have moved.

If you would like to see information and specifications for our inexpensive advertising sizes and costs, please click click FOR ADVERTISERS here or in the navigation tabs above.


HOW TO Get In the Next 868-Directory HERE:

>Now it's time to write your 15 word service listing. Email us at,
or go back to the submissions page and use the comments section.
Make your ad, send it by email or print it out on the library laser printer and snail-mail it to us at POB 868 Bolinas, CA 94924
or deliver in person. Please call us if you are near the deadline at 868-0420.

We are doing the layout starting Oct. 15 - so DO NOT be LATE!
We do NOT want to have to squeeze you in somewhere where it makes you hard to find!

>If you're part of West Marin county near Bolinas, Stinson Beach, Dogtown or parts nearby, submit your name and phone number to our personal listings. We list kids, houseguests and couch surfers. If you have an unlisted number that you want to keep private but want your friends to have it, how about listing under the family pet's name? Please tell us about people who are gone so we can keep our listings correct.

>Have a business or a much-loved livelihood you are trained for, but assume there's no call for it near where you live? Try advertisting in the 868-Directory. Our rates start at a ridiculous $25. for the entire year! Your neighbors want to know what you can do for them.

>Get a current edition of the 868-Directory at West Marin businesses in Bolinas at the Bolinas Market year round. When it first comes out, it is available in Stinson Beach at Odyssey Video. It's a handbook, 8" X 7" size and usually a bright color so you can find it on your desk.

> Pay for your advertising any time before three months past publication, and avoid a late charge that starts then. We want everyone to be a part of the 868-Directory! So we make our advertisting rates only pay for costs - no more.

The 868-DIRECTORY email:
OUR ADDRESS is: 868-DIRECTORY POB 868 Bolinas, CA. 94924
OUR PHONE NUMBER IS: 415 868-0420

OR 415 630-2611

The LAST REAL 2011 edition DEADLINE IS APR. 15TH, 2011
...and yes, if we can, we'll fit you in somewhere if you're late.

The origin of a directory in Bolinas started in 1969, with a few hand written, mimeographed, stapled pages. For two decades the 868-Directory was called the Bolinas Yellow Pages. ..This yellow name comes back to haunt every time the 868-Directory cover is yellow. In the past, Betty Stortz, Charlie & Mary Lu Ross were publishers and now Franis Engel makes it happen.
Check out what else Franis Engel does - part of the reason she took over the phone book was because she was in so many listings. Alexander Technique teacher, juggling teacher, music teacher, house painter, signpainter of holiday windows and banners for events, graphic artist, logo designer, fine artist, house-sitter, cat trainer, astrologer, writer & reviewer. Really, can someone have too many businesses?