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Holiday Window Painting Gallery

These are a sample of a few of the seventeen locations that I did for the US Bank on a rush job in only five days for their home equity promotion. It would have been easier to use the more appropriately designed window paint for this purpose, but there wasn't enough time to order the proper paint before the customer wanted the signs completed, so I used my much smaller Christmas window markers. This has letters over a foot tall on windows that are more than eight feet wide.

Since I had to paint over the weekend while the locations were closed to complete the job in time, in one case the place where I was told to paint the sign had another banner hanging behind it that it was a little tricky to ignore while I was painting the letters on top of it.

It's always a little tricky to decide where to split a word when the windows are narrow, but I think this choice I made turned out to be easy to read. email Franis

Franis Engel
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808-883-3334 Franis Engel
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